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Evol Ving Lyrics

by Psychefunkapus


Evol Ving Song Lyrics

Evol Ving by Psychefunkapus

(J. Martinez/Psychefunkapus)
I strip my disguise right before your eyes and let
You believe what you want to believe
Your mystical touch is a bit too much
For the sensitive state that I find myself in
Please don't tell me that you want to stay
I don't think I can take you this way
There are things that need not be explained
Walk away from me please
There once was a time when I dreamt you'd be mine
But 'twas so long ago that I barely recall
We both were so young, our lives just had begun
And this look in our eyes held both hunger and fear
Please don't tell me that things haven't changed
I'm much older and much more deranged
People say the things I do are strange
Walk away from me please...
Don't make a sound, keep your head to the ground
And just walk away, walk way
Put on your dress, there's no need to confess, baby
Walk away, walk away

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