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Waters Deep Lyrics

by Prophanity


Waters Deep Song Lyrics

Waters Deep by Prophanity

In this world we face alone, beyond the threshold of imagined fears (to you they're real)
As we see the darkness fall, crushing our reality
And now the fear of fate presides, it's terror burning deep inside (though we're still alive)
So we face the coming storm, and it's gathering intensity
Cold unforgiving eyes, a gallery for misery
Watch your demise, this imminent debility
And now that the tempest closes in there nothing to do but to close your eyes (close them tight)
Can you withstand the coming force; it takes your strength and erodes your lives
Contemplate our faith, no logic in this morality
No bearing on the truth, a testament to brutality

I feel there's no time for us
I feel there's no place for us
No place for us in this cruel world
I feel there's no chance for us
No faith in us
In this cruellest of worlds we are lost!
I feel there's nothing left for us
I feel there's no other way for us
No way for us
In this wayward tide, we are lost!

We are lost now, beyond the sea
The current carries us, to waters deep
There we will drown, it takes us down
Where we'll stay, nothing will save us now
Face down, there's just one way out
Senseless and bound, reality fading...

In the water deep, icy cold sleep
The current drags the body down
Lifeless eyes will see, fading reality
Now as you drown!

Stand and face me, the worst enemy
The torture of my soul
Take a part of me, all that's dear to me
Now we'll burn

Face down, fading out, this life holds, nothing for me
Dragged down, water deep, it all ends now you will see

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