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Tortured By Deceit Lyrics

by Prophanity


Tortured By Deceit Song Lyrics

Tortured By Deceit by Prophanity

Need to die
You're tortured by deceit
Some bitches are just like the mother fuckin' government
Only existing for their own fulfillment
All their lies and deceit you'll never see
Just another victim of emotional hypocrisy
Viscous...fuckin' liars
Know way deep down inside
That they...will always have...the upper hand feelings you have deep down inside
Only...when she is gone...shall you understand
Sadly you succumb that which you believe
Without a doubt in the minds of others
You're tortured by deceit
It's hard to make a living when they're takin' what you're givin'
And you're heart just isn't willing because they use you up -
Keep coming back for more
Why...can't you see...they're only here to financially
Because...after they have bled you dry... They'll no longer care...if you
Live or die
It's time to stop feeling sorry for yourself
Depending to love to sustain your health
Soon you'll see through all the bullshit and lies
Now it's your turn to ignore their cries
Stop letting women suck you fucking dry
Play the game - take them for a ride
Close your heart and be out-spoken
Cause a bitch is just another fuck token
Now that you have set yourself free
You'll no longer need
To feel the love of some fuckin' bitch-whore
She's Tortured by Deceit
Laugh...when they start to cry...and they wonder why...
You no longer care begin to see...through loves hypocrisy...
No longer are you blind
No she's the victim of your stability
Without a doubt you see
She knows now who really is the one
Tortured by Deceit
Viscous...fuckin' liar...has now realized
That she...has all but lost...the upper hand emotions...that you convey to her
Now she fully understands
She no longer matters to've become a man
It was all just one big part of your master plan
Tortured...Tortured...Tortured...Tortured by Deceit
Tortured...the bitch is fuckin' tortured...
The bitch is fuckin' tortured...
The bitch is fuckin' tortured by deceit...

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