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Into The Light Lyrics

by Prophanity


Into The Light Song Lyrics

Into The Light by Prophanity

You are forever losing the fight
You are lost in damnation, a murderous cry
Till the silence comes
Takes you down, into the ground
Where you lay...
Rotting forever
You're a lie, you stand alone
Your silence will not atone
For sins ingrained now so deep in your soul
Relief denied you, till the silence unfolds...

Within your soul, a sight to behold
In dead Earth...
Linger forever
In silence profound
A deep abyss that swallows you now
A final release, tranquility found
Your time at hand!

All these empty words whispered thoughts inside your head
Telling you to leave this place there's nothing to be said
Take a long look around there's nothing for you here
So say your last goodbyes as into the flame you fly
Stare into the light just one more time
As into the flame you fly
It takes me higher and higher as into the flame you fly
Burning so bright, this incandescent light, vanishing out of sight
I can see the path before me but I don't want to die
Wait for me now
Wait for me

Step out from all this confusion there's clarity ahead
With certain understanding you take one final breath
Onwards you will go a certain test of faith
Stare into the light

A wash with cold hearted confusion
A look of fear in your eyes
Is it possible you're in delusion?
A bitter pill to end your life

Condemned to exist in this exile
Now you are lost among the damned
Can you exist in this fury?
When there is no end to your pain
And here you'll remain

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