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Music Video

Inner Reality Lyrics

by Prophanity


Inner Reality Song Lyrics

Inner Reality by Prophanity

[Words: James Parks II]
[Music: Prophecy]

Deep within reality the tables start to turn in the mist of night
The fires start to burn looking through the hollow eye,
I see not the reasons why just can't understand the feelings I feel inside.
I wander across this land concealing feelings I want to confide streaks
Across the sky, is it time for me to die?
Massive death-in my brain, has the whole world gone insane?
As clouds gather in the east life is taken from the beast end of evil-one
Final sin after this where the fuck will I begin?
[SOLO (James)]
Find the thoughts in your soul make no mistake with your sincerity
Gain the meaning take control of your inner reality.
[2nd SOLO (Boogie)]
Found the thoughts in my soul now I hold the key of control no mistakes
About sincerity now I know my inner reality
As he sits on the clouds above he watches me make disgrace the holy I speak of,
As I diminish his earthly place.
Listen to me my only son heed not the evil one he promises fortune
And fame gives you not but tears of shame.
So heed these words my only son I listened to him an he won
As I wander across this land I know I'm in his hands.
Found the true meaning of life nevermind the meaning of death.
The holy one that I speak of as I take one last breath.
Grace from God Lights the sky now it's time for me to die.
Deep within reality the tables overturn,
In the midst of the night fires forever burn.

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