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Promoe - Money lyrics

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Money by Promoe

"With no promotional budget I get media coverage/
like no others when they find out I made the bomb threat./
To the MTV Europe Music Awards /
and the Grammies and wildin' out on tours/
Destroyin' hotel rooms and getting groupies pregnant/
stealin' everything including kitchen sink/
Promoe goes politically incorrect for the hell of it/
what you thought b**ch I was celibate/
When we back in the club we packin' the club to the rim/
girls do anything to get in/
They break necks and pay checks offer unsafe sex/
throwin' panty hoes and we ain't on stage yet/
Leavin' the place wrecked let's say we blessed it/
if sh*t is hectic get out the back exit/
Perry's outside with the van keepin' it warm/
screamin' come on guys hurry up and the we gone, with the..
Money x8
All guns salute Supreme just stepped in the booth/
M.O.N.S, Looptroop a bless ya'll schlooks/
So turn the volume up, refill your cup/
this is war nothing but now watch me kill the cut/
And cheer up just because you suck don't mean you can't listen/
I mean just because I'm nice don't mean I ain't dissin'/
p**sin' on you you're missin' your crew/
to bring muscle when my boys roll thru call us the chosen few/
You get booed while I get paid, screwed while I get laid/
burned while I'm in the shades makin' the hits of a decade/
And degrade all you hold sacred/
You already mad and we ain't even on stage yet/
Stay fresh, endorsed by We and Alpha Numeric/
if clothes are free then I'll f**kin' wear it/
Strangled the deputy when Bob shot the sheriff/
you test the P, I ain't tryin' to hear it/
Your own posse know that you a fassyhole/
a copy, clone rappin' with down's syndrome/
I got a thousand poems you got a lousy flow/
I got big business you got a big ass nose, in my..
Where ever we at kids crawling out from their hide outs/
Looptroop's in town, you don't know, you better find out/
This is rebel music to get free to/
and women we'll see you at shows the whole EU/
These live cats: the best live act/
talk about riots and suggest you try that/
Pressure apply that, the album go buy that/
the system go fight that (why?) Where ya eyes at?/
They on the floor pick 'em up so you can witness/
the hardest hitting boy group in show business/
The venue's on fire backstage area raided/
shiie and we ain't even on stage yet/
We sound like Rage yet? Well we will do/
tonight you plan to catch wreck? Well we do to/
You should keep her under your arm and leave you fool/
cus 'bout the time you start lookin' around I left with you know who..
Chorus "

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