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Promoe - Positive & Negative lyrics

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Positive & Negative by Promoe

"Promoe the number one public enemy with split personalities/
and both rap for anarchy./
Keeping my beard long like pops in the seventies/
burning flags screaming f**k the Kennedies./
many see me as a hoodlum at best a good bum/
letting out anger over bass and snare drums./
f**king up eardrums of those with high income/
holding king Carl Gustav for ransom./
Leaving Madeleine in labour pains while I'm bombin' trains/
tryin' to bring back the days of '36 in Spain/
and y'all claim I'm too negative/
talkin' bout Sweden's really a nice place to live./
Oh I'm supposed to be satisfied cause I got a fatter life/
than my brothers and sisters who die on the other side of the planet/
It's all connected god damn it/
if you leave the third world stranded./
The first and the second will soon be drowned/
in the blood sweat and tears of the people we hold down./
Hold up! That's something you will never understand/
f**k that man, I'm tryin' to take a stand./
You might just laugh but I'm tryin' to walk a righteous path/
stumblin' though, drunk off of wine made from grapes of wrath/
Me I'm tired of doing the math when nothing adds up/
the good's always down the bad's up that sucks/
Life's a b**ch and then you die/
wrong life's a biiatch and then you decide/
To do something about it/
sh*t'll only drive you crazy if you allow it/
Everyday I wake up late in the afternoon/
thinkin' to myself something's gotta happen soon/
I'm rackin' food at the corner store to make ends meet/
spent my last dime on the hard disc and the MPC/
Embee, me, Cosmic, Supreme put out cream to make this dream come true/
invest my life in this Looptroop crew/
State got me on trial again this time I'm innocent/
but of course I got convicted cus they want every cent/
If it ain't rent or taxes they charge me a fine/
for being at the wrong place at the wrong time/
With the wrong state of mind the state wants what's mines/
but the government is thugs so I'm a resort to crime/
As well I don't care about jail/
cus all I do all day anyway is lift weights and masturbate/
Then I try and get it straight cus the voice inside my head be keeping me awake at night/
forcing me to stay up and write. Some dope material so that I might/
turn this negative sh*t into positive cus something's gots to give, f**k it I gots to live/
f**k it I gots to live../

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