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Profyle - Addicted  lyrics

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Addicted  by Profyle

Yeah, oh yeah 
It seems I'm addicted to your love 
And I can't contain myself 
Baby don't restrict me from your touch 
Cause I don't want nobody else 
I, I can't go on without you 
It just don't make no sense 
Girl I'm addicted to you 
I don't wanna lose you 
I don't never want us to be past-tense 
Girl you know that 
1 - When I'm inside you 
I always lose my cool 
When I'm inside 
Every last one of my dreams come true 
When I'm inside 
There's no other place I'd rather be 
When I'm inside you 
It feels so damn, damn good 
Everytime you come around 
I just can't seem to keep my clothes on yeah 
The lights always dimmed when I'm in again 
Going deeper than I did before 
The rhythm of my hips, yeah 
Is what you're body yearns for 
Not to mention my kiss from your naval to your lips 
Keeps you screaming for more, ooh 
Repeat 1 
{guitar solo} 
Hmm, hmm 
Oh yeah, yeah 
Repeat 1 till end Profyle Lyrics Index

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