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Profyle - No trickin' lyrics

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No trickin' by Profyle

No Trickin' 
Featuring Rasheeda
Yo, yeah, yeah 
Ha, now what y'all wanna do 
Ha, yo, Teddy Bishop 
Like that, right? 
You know how it is 
When you wanna holla at these girls when you walkin' about 
But they ain't never wanna holla at ya back in the day 
Ya know? 
But when they see you outside in your six 
Then they wanna holla at you 
Check it out 
Girl when I first saw your face 
I said to myself 
She's like the kind of girl who only looks out for herself 
And from the moment you walked up 
I peeped your game 
Your like the kind of girl who give it up 
Because of my name 
1 - If you be straight up 
About what you want 
Maybe we can hook something up 
But I ain't gon front 
2 - I won't be the one chasin' 
No baby 
I ain't gon be the on 
To fall in love, I can't 
I won't be the one slippin', no slippin' 
Girl forget it 
I won't be the one trickin, no spendin 
I ain't the one 
Girl when I first heard about you 
I said to myself 
She'll only hang around 
As long as you keep cash on the shelf 
She wants to live the glamorous life 
But I don't need (a girl like) her in my life 
Repeat 1 
Repeat 2 (2x) 
What? Uh! Check it out 
You always talkin' bout 
What you gon do, you really don't know 
You steady spendin' dough 
Now this is how it go 
I keep it on the low from your man's and them 
Why you beggin' on your knees? 
Rasheeda don't leave 
You need to get your mind right, your life right 
Boy you never knew a love like this aiight 
Game tight like a virgin I got some to burn and 
That chump change you spend 
That's the least of my concern and... 
Repeat 2 till end Profyle Lyrics Index

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