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Porcupine Tree lyrics

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Lyrics for album: Closure/Continuation (2022)

Lyrics for album: The Incident (2009)

Lyrics for album: Nil Recurring (2008)

Lyrics for album: Fear Of A Blank Planet (2007)

Lyrics for album: Deadwing (2005)

Lyrics for album: In Absentia (2002)

Lyrics for album: Recordings (2001)

Lyrics for album: Lightbulb Sun (2000)

Lyrics for album: Stupid Dream (1999)

Lyrics for album: Signify (1996)

"light mass prayers" (Instrumental)
Dark matter
Every home is wired
Idiot prayer
Intermediate jesus
Pagan (Instrumental)
Signify (Instrumental)
The sleep of no dreaming
Waiting - phase one
Waiting - phase two (Instrumental)

Lyrics for album: The Sky Moves Sideways (1995)

Dislocated day
I Find That I'm Not There
Is... Not (Instrumental)
Moonloop (Instrumental)
Off The Map (Instrumental)
Prepare yourself (Instrumental)
Spiral Circus (Instrumental)
Stars Die
The Colour Of Air (Instrumental)
The moon touches your shoulder
The sky moves sideways phase i
Wire The Drum (Instrumental)

Lyrics for album: Up The Downstairs (1993)

Always Never
Burning Sky (Instrumental)
Monuments Burn Into Moments (Instrumental)
Not Beautiful Anymore (Instrumental)
Siren (Instrumental)
Small Fish
Up the Downstair
What You Are Listening To... (Instrumental)

Lyrics for album: On The Sunday Of Life (1991)

And the swallows dance above the sun
Begonia seduction scene (Instrumental)
Hymn (Instrumental)
It will rain for a million years
Jupiter island
Linton samuel dawson
Music for the head (Instrumental)
Nine cats
No luck with rabbits (Instrumental)
On the sunday of life... (Instrumental)
Queen quotes crowley (Instrumental)
Radioactive toy
Space transmission (Instrumental)
The long silence
The nostalgia factory
Third eye surfer (Instrumental)

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