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Pink Floyd

Song Texts

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Album: New Songs

Album: Echoes (2001)

Album: Echoes (Disc 1) (2001)

Album: Echoes (Disc 2) (2001)

Album: Echoes: The Best Of Pink Floyd (2001)

Album: Echoes: The Best Of Pink Floyd (Disc 2) (2001)

Album: Pink Floyd (2001)

Album: The best of Pink Floyd (2001)

Album: Pink Floyd The Anthology (1999)

Album: Pulse (1995)

Album: ¶Division Bell· (1994)

Album: Delicate Sound Of Thunder [Live] (1988)

Album: ¶Delicate Sound of Thunder· (1988)

Album: A momentary Lapse of reason (1987)

Album: ¶Works· (1984)

Album: ¶The Final Cut· (1983)

Album: A collection of great dance songs (1981)

Album: ¶The Wall· (1979)

Album: Animals (1977)

Album: Wish you were here (1975)

Album: The Dark Side Of The Moon (1973)

Album: Obscured by clouds (1972)

Album: Meddle (1971)

Album: Relics (1971)

Album: Atom heart mother (1970)

Album: Picnic, A Breath of Fresh Air (1970)

Album: Soundtrack From The Film Zabriskie Point (1970)

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