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Porcelain Lyrics

by Patrick Stump


Porcelain Song Lyrics

Porcelain by Patrick Stump

I don't ever want to meet you
You're like porcelain
And I think it would crack
If I found you were a brat
Stay perfect
Stay perfect

Nothing's as disappointing
Asnd I don't want to be disappointed
Cause I'm just some kid you'll think about maybe in passing
But you're like my passion. for real
But distance is a lot less stress
And how you do's still an uneducated guess
I bet you'll think I'm crazy
But I think you're just a little bit amazing
Oh I simply can't resist my imagination
No amount of patience
Validates my preoccupation
Let me say this: youlook better famous

Dear superhero whom I look up to from afar
Cause you're of a whole other galaxy
I know you might find this shit so bizzare
I rather we never meet, had to speak
I think you know who you are in my imagination
But not too sure about reality
You're a superstar with thatglow one has to be
But you come across brighter in a magaizine
Shine much more on a plasma screen
If that don't wake me up like a bad dream
Sad scene like Mufasa in that stampede
Exactly why this calls for my evacuation
Before this conversation paints the picture
That my mind has painted
Cause it can get complicated to recognise you're idol's tainted
Damn, is that a facelift cause you look better famous

Have you ever met somebody who was perfect until you met them?
I have.

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