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Love, Selfish Love Lyrics

by Patrick Stump


Love, Selfish Love Song Lyrics

Love, Selfish Love by Patrick Stump

I hear you've got your troubles, or so I've been told
Maybe just a couple but I'm not quite sold
I'm indifferent to the difference between tomorrow and today
Less an indiscression than a lesson I've been paid
And the stages of recovery can signify your age
Like rings around a stump
That's something I know a little about child
Lately it's been getting a little bit crazy
I don't want to be complaining

All my friends
Go to bed
Dreaming up a reason they should weep weep and all my friends
Go to the ends of the earth for secrets they don't
Want to keep

Well this is my confession, yes yes
This is me confessing god bless the sad and selfish stay helpless
Cause I've always been stronger than that
Hold the weight of the world on my back
It's just love, selfish love
Love, selfish love

I've got nothing to confess
I've got nothing to confess

It's too easy to be scared sometimes
I'm not going to lie like I don't understand
But it's like the whole world is jumping off the bridge
And you don't want to be the one standing on dry land

All my friends go to the ends of the earth for secrets they don't want to keep

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