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Yoga In The Nightclub Lyrics

by Parvati


Yoga In The Nightclub Song Lyrics

Yoga In The Nightclub by Parvati

Taking the time that you feel you need to allow your body to settle
Sensing the points of contact that your body has with the ground

"Where does my body touch the floor and where does it not quite yet release?"

Breathing in, "I am drawing my awareness into my body on the inhale
And on the exhale, letting go"

Breathing in, belly rises, and exhale belly back
Allowing your whole body to begin to release into the ground

Breathe to be
And gently drawing your awareness to the crown of your head,
Allowing the scalp to broaden, eyes rest back with an inward gaze.
The cheeks, jaw release.

Follow your awareness down the spine,
Listening for the impulse to move that arises from within the body.
Developing greater spaciousness and ease into the body.
Each exhale, letting go.

Breathe to be
Breathe. Be

Letting go...
Letting go
Letting go
Into the ground

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