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Open To This Love Lyrics

by Parvati


Open To This Love Song Lyrics

Open To This Love by Parvati

So scared, I've been here some time before.
Don't care what happened so long ago.
"Compare and despair" advice that you gave to me.
Seems to be fair. Let it freely be but

You know I can't just roll on over and turn out the light.
You know it's like a bed of nails trying to rest on a fight.

Open to this love! Babe you know I care.
Wont you be my honey bear, richer than a billionaire?
Open to this love, a gift from above!
It's not about who's wrong or right, just take the darkness out of tonight.

Persevere and endear. Life begins after fear.
Doubt and you're out. Let the soul beauty out.
I know we can grow. We've done it since we've been here.
We must let go. Love is truly dear.
Obsessing in perfection only tears us apart.
Never mind that attitude. Let's focus on our heart.

Open to this love...

You know I won't live a life of promises unmet.
You know I won't live a life of despair and regret.

It seems that I thought fear was my enemy.
Now I can see how it's been teaching me
How to be more vulnerable so I can lay out my gold
And rest in silver lining 'cause love has no need to hold.

Open to this love...

Both strong, both weak, we've been playing hide 'n seek.
Afraid of being wrong, this can go on for too long.
It's an instant decision with compassion precision,
Let go of all you know and be one in the heart flow.
The present is the present, depending on intention.
Take the dare and be aware of how deeply you do care.
Believe and conceive and surely you'll receive.
Feel the joy even cry. There are no reasons why.
Just open.

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