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Paperboys - On the low (with sofian) lyrics

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On the low (with sofian) by Paperboys

You see baby
i wonder how you been lately
it seems like you been waiting
so it’s only right that i get to hold you tonight
Hey yo I met a lot of women in my lifetime
usually get rid of them then reminisce and write rhymes
I need that right kind, some say I’m out of my right mind I say I am quite fine
just cautious about this life of mine
Though I like me a nice behind I try to hold back
learning more from thinking with my brain than my boesack
But when I go where the hoes at -hollaluja- it just explodes
popedawg, and a lot of buddha, some up the nose and some amarula
I get my groove on
raising a toast to moe’s newborn, later bring my date to the futon
Here we go /turn the lights down low /bump the stereo.
“We can do whatever girl I won’t I tell
We can even take it to the motel
Nobody’s got to know -we can keep it on the low- Proper hoes
You look proper but I know you’re dirty
I won’t say nothing don’t you worry
We can keep it on the low / nobody got to know / proper hoes”
time for some action
get in the middle of a grind climaxing
and every bit of the behind that I’m waxing
is like fitted design that gets me triggered
so I spit a few lines
and she’s mine, I ain’t lying /I go the whole nine/
maybe even go down low put on a show just for old times/
drilling the hole like a goldmine -wow-
about to go blind
shaking from her toes through her whole spine
just let it go that’s no crime
I’m just glad I move you now maybe you can holla at junior
show me some of them manoeuvres you know so well
don’t be scared girl I ain’t gon tell.
Proper proper hoe come to papa
Let me get to know ya / Where I’m from we do things properly/
shorty let me show ya
No ones got to know about the freak in you besides me
Now who say’s just coz you proper we can’t keep it dirty
Yo you shouldn’t get attached to me
just coz we got it on boogie in rhapsody
You heard that vagabond is pretty yo but actually
that’s not a fact
that’s cr*p so if youre timid let this bachelor be
Get out the backseat/ tell a proper hoe to come in/
coz matter factly me and mine is soldiers in sin
You wanna spin let’s go / See this has been on the low
See my grin/ sh*t it’s just so you know oohhh

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