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Paperboys - New babylon times lyrics

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New babylon times by Paperboys

Behold, it´s the effiency of mankind
it unfolds and turns our misery to landmines
then explodes, it´s so cold, it´s been foretold
Every port around the globe is set to drown in an orderly mode
we´ve forgot more than we know and noone can save us
we reap what we sow so there´ll be no more favours
i need to elope, cause it´s oh so dangerous
the fact that we know that we´re wrong won´t change us
cause extra extra the world doesn´t respect ya
there´s more to this sh*t than what occurs across your retina
i bet ya, their f**ked lectures and texture is remixed,
knowing most people don´t see sh*t
they keep secrets, deceit at it´s deepest
they feed off our weakness and people are speachless
creatures of habit, with matter over mind, there you have it,
new babylon times
“Everybody is going to hell, can´t you tell humans ruin it for themselves
ordinary man can´t do nothing but cry
the world is going under, new babylon times”
Yo who is in charge here? it sure as f**k ain´t you
we need to even out the odds, look what we came to
it´s painfull, so we try to say the sh*t ain´t true
but we don´t even have a clue to half the evil we do
it´s unbelievable, better holla mayday mayday
whole world is gone crazy
jesus somebody save me
cause lately i just can´t seem to drop the bottle
a lotta bills so i grab a pill, pop, and swallow
kind of hard trying to tell these kids not to follow
cause it seems to help alot when you are watching sorrow
and you are trying to borrow dough «i swear tomorrow for sure»
that´s how it goes
sick of trying to impress impressarios
you´ll see how far i go
there ain´t no holding me back
cause this insomniac is going to overreact
it is not a trap, only facts and these raps are going to get at you
new babylon times
signed the f**king editor

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