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Album: Other Songs

All I Can See (German)
Always (German)
Be Still (German)
Beatiful Sound
Believe (German)
Big House
Blessed Be Your Name (w/ Rebecca Stjames)
Breakfast (German)
Breakfast in hell
Breathe (Benediction) (German)
Breathe (German)
Choose Life
Cup O`Tea (German)
Deep End (German)
Elle G. (German)
Entertaining Angels (German)
Get Up For Love (German)
God Is Not A Secret (German)
God Is Watching Over You
God Of All Nations
Going Public (German)
Good Ridance
Halleluja (Preist Den Herrn)
Hallelujah #2
Hands And Feet
I Got Your Number (German)
I'm Not Ashamed (German)
In The End (German)
Israel (German)
It's All Who You Know (German)
It's Joy (German)
Kingdom Man (German)
Let It Go (German)
Let It Rain (German)
Lights Out (German)
Listen For The Shout (German)
Lord (Father B. Mix)
Lost The Plot (German)
Love You Tomorrow (German)
Miracle Child (German)
Real Good Thing (German)
Reality (German)
Sea Of Love (German)
Shine (German)
Simple Man (German)
Sing Aloud (German)
Somethin's Missing (German)
Spirit Thing (German)
Stand Up For Jesus (German)
Stay With Me (German)
Step Up To The Microphone (German)
Take Me To Your Leader (German)
Taste And See (German)
Ten Thousand Miles (German)
The Tide (German)
The War Of 1812
Truth And Consequences (German)
Truth Be Known - Everybody Gets A Shot (German)
Tuning In (German)
Victory (German)
When You Called My Name (German)
Where You Belong / Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (German)
WooHoo (German)
Written on my heart
Yo Ho, Hero
You And Me (German)
You Are My King

Album: Presence - Single

Album: VeggieRocks!

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