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New Amsterdams lyrics

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Lyrics for album: At The Foot Of My Rival (2007)


Lyrics for album: Story Like A Scar (2006)

A Small Crusade
Bad Liar
Beautiful Mistake
Calendar Days
Intelligent Design
Past The Pines
The Death Of Us
Turn Out The Light
Turn Out The Light (Reprise)
Your Ghost

Lyrics for album: Killed Or Cured (2005)

Drinking In The Afternoon
Full Thunder Moon
Has Anyone Seen My Wings
Heaven Sent
Just So Over You
Maybe I'm A Fool
Strangled By The Thought
Watch The World Cave In
Wears So Thin
Your Red Hand

Lyrics for album: Worse For The Wear (2003)

All Our Vice
All Our Vice / Clandestine
Are You True?
Asleep at the wheel
Blue Eyes
Cold-Hearted Town
From california
Hanging On For Hope
Hover near fame
I Won't Be Back
Layer Up
Now That You're Gone
Poison In The Ink
Safer Times
Slight return (Instrumental)
Swimming In Lake Erie
The Ever After
The Smoking Gun
The Spoils Of The Spoiled
The Streets, The Sounds, The Love
This Time Around
Vignette (Instrumental)
What It's Like To Feel Small
Wire And Stone
Worse For The Wear

Lyrics for album: Para Toda Vida (2002)

Adeline, Out Of Tune
All Ears
Forever Leaving
Four More Years
Losing You
My Old Man Had A Pistol
Picture In The Paper
Son Of A Prophet
Stay On The Phone
That Side Of Me

Lyrics for album: Never You Mind (2000)

Drama Queen
Every Double Life
I Won't Run Away
Lonely hearts
Make Me Change My Mind
Never Treat Others
Proceed With Caution
Slow Down
When We Two Parted

Lyrics for album: Other Songs

A Goodbye Rye
Dear Lover
Girl, Why'd You Run Away?
New Amsterdams
Old Enough To Know Bitter
Suit Sacrifice
The Ballad Of Mike And Beth
Too Many Of A Good Thing
Whatever You Say
When I Get To Eleven

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