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Neil Young lyrics

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Lyrics for album: New Songs

(When You're On) The Losing End
4-Way Street Medley
After Berlin
Amber Jean
Back To The Country
Bad News
Better Than Silver And Gold
Big Parade
Big Room
Born To Run
Box Car
Bright Sunny Day
Changin' Highways
Citizen Kane Jr. Blues
Color By Numbers
Come Along And Say You Will
Computer Cowboy
Country Girl (Medley)
Crime Of The Heart
Day And Night We Walk These Aisles
Deep Forbidden Lake
Don't Pity Me Babe
Don't Say You Love Me
Don't Say You Win, Don't Say You Lose
Don't Spook The Horse
Down Down Down
Down To The Wire
Dream Machine
Evening Coconut
Everybody I Love You
Everybody's Alone
Extra, Extra
Farm Aid Song
Farmer's Song
Find Another Shoulder
Fonda Wanda
Fool For Your Love
Friend Of Mine
Gateway Of Love
Give Me Strength
God's Perfect Plan
Good Phone
Greatest Song On Earth
Grey Riders
Guilty Train
Hawaiian Sunrise
Hello Lonely Woman
Hello Mr. Soul
Hey Hey, My My
High Heel Shoes
High heels
High School Graduation
Highway Of Our Love
Hillbilly Band
Hold You In My Arms
Honey, I Got The Blues
I Ain't Got The Blues
I Wonder Why
I'm Goin'
I'm goin' on a downhill slide
I'm Just A Passenger
I'm Just A Passenger (Box Car)
I'm Your Kind Of Guy
If You Got Love
In Tune With You
It Might Have Been
It's A Crime Of The Heart
Just Singing A Song Won't Change The World
Keep On Rockin' In The Free World
Keep The Homefires Burning
L. A.
Lady Wingshot
Last Of A Dying Breed
Last Of His Kind (The Farm Aid Song)
Leavin' The Top 40 Behind
Let Your Fingers Do The Walking
Let's Go Away For A While
Light Of Love
Live To Ride
Lonely Weekend
Love Art Blues
Love Hotel
Love Is A Rose
Maui Mama
Modern World
Mother Earth (Natural Anthem)
Motion Pictures (For Carrie)
My My, Hey Hey
Natural Anthem
No One Seems To Know
Nothing Is Perfect
Oh Lonesome Me
Old Hillbilly Band
Once I Was In Love
One More Sign
Open Road
Out Of The Blue
Pictures In My Mind
Price That You Pay
Pushed It Over The End
Railroad Town
Rainin' In Paradise
Road Of Plenty
Rock Rock Rock
Roll Another Number (For The Road)
Round And Round And Round
Run Around Babe
Sad Movies
Saturday Night
Sea Of Madness
Seed Justice
Sell Out
Separate Ways
She's My Girl
Sixty To Zero
So Tired
Something More Tame
Song Of Love
Soul Of A Woman
Spud Blues
Standing In The Light Of Love
Sweet Joni
Thank God I'm On The Road Tonight
The Losing End
The Rent Is Always Due
There Goes My Babe
Till I Pass This Way Again
Time Off For Good Behavior
Walking After Midnight
War Song
We're Gonna Rock Forever
Welcome To The Big Room
Whatever Happened To Saturday Night
When I Watch You Sleeping
When It Falls, It Falls All Over You
When You Dance You Can Really Love
Whiskey Boot Hill
Who's Gonna Stand Up
Winter Winds
Words (Between The Lines Of Age)
Your Love
Your Love Again

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