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Mysonne - Hot Nigga (Remix) lyrics

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Hot Nigga (Remix) by Mysonne

I always been a hot nigga, been the hottest nigga on the block
When they have a problem Im the one they came and got nigga
They saying Im the closet think to pop nigga
I got niggas in square and in the spot niggas, ready to die o head shut
We know they always keep bets and base nigga
We beat in that ex, and we aint stop nigga
Is us, we dem boys that they tired o watch
b**ches know the time like its timewatch
First time like we said its on the shot clock
Dont get a shut, f**k around with my guap
I mean really dog, nigga wont hear me dog
Laime niggas scared of me, real nigga feel me dog
Im try to see a million, sure he wanna f**k me and that man wanna grill me dog
He dont know no better, he dont know
He dont know Im in the air with some stone cold killers
With a four, four, fours
And four with us if a nigga dead and gone hes still here with us
You dont know none nigga that can go anywhere and get dope nigga
Anywhere I go I gotta hold it nigga
Wherever niggas wanna go we can go there nigga
I want money from dance, I guap with
Im a G dont blame me its
As a young and first thing I got here dope
No matter what calms keep, do not talk
Silence, listen just the sirens
Im surrender by haters and tirans, they respect me but they only respect violence

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