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Mysonne - Bigger Than Me lyrics

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Bigger Than Me by Mysonne

These niggas aint f**king with me
They aint better, they aint realer, they aint tougher then me
These niggas aint G-s. they aint nothing to me
What you laime as f**king .they lucky to be me,
My groves ready
In the club scared but look what you shut niggas?
Broke niggas, Im a motherf**ker king
Ask around in the town, I do my motherf**king thing
From the bing to the corners my name is enormous
I lead this, this niggas just perform it
All they inform is that these niggas are quite
Bsase to the bricks, these niggas is quite
G-s is getting tired of your motherf**ker lames
How many I would motherf**ker names
Til the motherf**ker shame, yall prise and fake
So now I gotta tke, survival lame niggas shinning
Soft niggas cant ride you
Soft niggas gotta pay dudes
You got rules, soft niggas cant eat what
Eventually they gonna get rock
Yall confuse this my last time fading here
Your favorite rpper aint how he say it is
Softer then the ladies, look him in his eyes
Young rapper, youll be surprise
I cant believe yall believe niggas
Welcome home homie, then get in the knees
Squeeze treagors for them figures and respect fane
Thats on us nigga, giving up with that ex fame
Last game when nigga run off at his mom
I hop here on the stage like a motherf**ker
Im so about this is G and my
Find a niga realer then me beat the great poley
Yall niggas
Mine is Jordan cuz you cant beat us
Is bang bang on a sucker nigga
They b**ch man, probably wanna suck a nigga
f**k a nigga with that cold sign, sucker nigga
For the G world wild, you have nothing niggas

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