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Musiq Soulchild - Seventeen lyrics

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Seventeen by Musiq Soulchild

(Verse 1) 
Five foot seven with light green eyes 
Body built like a woman over twenty-five 
Plus she push the whip that the average women couldn't get 
Less she worked about two nine to five's 
Girly played the game just a little too mature 
She damn near had everything I was looking for 
But things seemed shady 
When I asked my lady to meet at the club 
She had trouble at the door 
That's when I found out that 
She was only seventeen years old 
And I couldn't see her no more 
I ain't tryin to see myself locked up 
For knockin up some young joan 
How could I explain this situation to my family 
And all of my boys 
I'm sorry shorty 
But you've got to get gone 
(Verse 2) 
I tried to cut her off 
But she wasn't having it 
She kept telling me her age didn't mean sh-- 
And that's when she started to cry 
Baby I need you in my life 
And without you I just couldn't handle it 
So what's a brother to do 
Either way I lose 
I could just say my piece 
Or p**s off her peace 
And talk it out with the boys in blue 
Cause when it comes down to it 
She was just seventeen years old 
And I was dead wrong from the door 
(Dial tone) 
(Keypad being dialed) 
(Line rings) 
(Automated voice) 
--Welcome to your voice messaging service. 
To enter your mailbox, press *. (Beep) First message -- 
(Female voice) 
Yo, how you doin'? Call me when you get this. 
(Beep) --Mess...-- (Beep) 
(Female voice) 
Yo, what's goin' on? I called you earlier. 
I guess you aint get my message. 
But when you get this, hit me back, aiight? Bye. 
--To repeat..-- (Beep) --Mess..-- (Beep) 
(Female voice) 
Hey! What got some b*tch over there or sump'in? 
Can't pick up your phone. I been calling you and 
tryin' to speak to you and you still don't answer the phone. 
--To repeat...-- (Beep) (Beep) 
(Female voice) 
See, you trying to play somebody.
As though I won't have to bring my n*ggas over there,
to kick ya ass! Ya think somebody playin' with ya ass. 
Ya don't...ya don't return my calls. This is it. 
--To repeat this...-- (Beep) --Mess...-- (Beep) 
(Fade out)

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