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Mr. Vegas Rap - Tha Way I Feel 'Bout Ya lyrics

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Tha Way I Feel 'Bout Ya by Mr. Vegas Rap

I think that ur hot like july your beatiful eyes light up the sky  they really make me wanna cry what I'm sayin aint no lie cuz I can't hide the way I really feel fo u inside I'm hopin our hearts just might collide this song comes straight from my heart which you previously tore apart but seriously I would trade errythang away just for u to be wit me I can't stand that u aint mine  cause damn girl u soo damn  fine to you I dedicate this ryme baby isn't that a sign that I really luve you there aint no girl I could place above you and you'll always stay at the top guys look at u and they jaw drop and then they suddenly stop and stare at you girls think it aimt fair that you are the most beatiful girl of them all I know ur an angel  I watched you fall from the skies above brittany please accept my love 
Maybr I'm a jerk but baby it can work  if u just give me a shot baby I don't just think that ur hott I think ur beatiful and goergous every time I'm near u u get my so high but I don't know why and I'm sorry I made u cry that night I told u how I felt on aim but tht was how I feel and I still feel tha same but now I'm gettin tired of this stupid love gamr but it's unforgettable cuz girl u so increadiblr and I've been in love wit u fo  3 years and over that time I she'd so many tears cuz u broke my heart I mean literally tore apart my heart 2 or 3 times and I'm still crawling back to u cause I love u and would jump in front of a train and I would jump off of a plane take a knife 2 my brain for ya  I would accept my fate just to go wit u on a date 

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