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Mr. Vegas Rap - In This Hood lyrics

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In This Hood by Mr. Vegas Rap

When I drive by this hood I drive by in somethin good like a mercedes from the eighties  and some dasies for da ladies all my carrs go 200 plus got more toys than toys r us I've got the saleen supercharged mustang gt in my garage looks like a sundae but u can't top it paint is vanilla while them seats r dark choclate my caddalac ecsalade rides wit nirous oxide and I'm consumed by the tune applied to my surround sound when I go down town but when I drive round 
(Chourus) this hood it looks like crap and that's why I rap maybe that's why u do tap with dora and the map. this hood is a mess listen to me cause I'm da best this aint no contest now leave like all the rest
(Verse 2) I'm in the new lamborghini so that the po-po cannot see me and I know u all wanna be me but it isn't that damn easy take me back to that mcdonalds plenty to do plenty to see and I've got lots of things to eat press my foot hard on the gas move cause I'm gonna pass really fast and leave skid marks on your ass  now I'm trippin while I'm sippin over my own 2 feet and I see u over there dancin 2 my beat and I live in the south west and yea I'm in the birds nest cause I'm the freakin best
I will hold my head up high lots of people ask me why I just point up to the sky even god knows I don't lie hit my car and u will die get my cars straight from italia bass sounds like mattalica nitro on my caddy uh bet u wish u had it yea I'm drivin 70 the speed limits 45 these streets are so fortified the roads got me mezmorized gotta let it minimize to hit u wit insecticide cause ur such a damn pesticide  
(Chourus) x2 
Vegas in this hood right here man peace

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