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Mr. Vegas Rap - Nothing Else lyrics

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Nothing Else by Mr. Vegas Rap

I geuss somethangs will never change 
Still every day I pray for better thangs
I wait the day this pain it fades away
I hate to say it's made to stay
It paves the way of satans grave
And vegas takes his haters hate
While I just live a lonely life
Joyous with these songs I write
Boy it's if he's wrong or right
I'm on a flight that dawns the light
But still I am the strongest knight that roams the castle
Rather not be home where assholes hassle me 
To grow an apple tree so happily
When actually, I'm only just half a seed
So after me,  
No no one knows what rap will be
It looks as though the road it ends 
It's cold again,  I show my friends 
Just how close I hold this pen-
To my heart
Only now there's fewer sparks
The motives lost, desire gone
The loads of drugs that I am on
To try to calm 
Me and my impulsive acts
How can this be over? crap
I crawled upon my clover patch
But fault is mine I chose this path
I rose from wrath
And sometimes I just feel alone
So damn alone
And better yet can't stand this home
And man I know,  
When it ends I wont regret
Andything I've done or said
I love the way she sees and percive the world
Could she really be the girl 
That I was forever searchin for
She  is just perfect that's for sure
Girl this is urgent I need you more and nothing beats your beauty girl,
Your beautiful
Your more than just a girl to me
You really mean the world to me
Your hurlin me
Off a bridge still nothing else
Will fucking help
The problems I've been facin lately
I hate my father-satan greatly
And I just can't take it mayn
There's just nothing in the world means more to me
There's nothing else, you know that one person
There's nothing else
And nothing beats your beauty girl,
Your beautiful

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