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Mr. Vegas Rap - Itz Just Me lyrics

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Itz Just Me by Mr. Vegas Rap

It's just me (x5)
I can't help who I am
Hate myself wish I can
Go to hell and start again
Yeah just wanna close my eyes
And die tonite
I try to fight
Tha fact that it's appearing  that I'm dealing
With a  feeling that is healing her
But really it's just peeling me apart
I'm kneeling in the dark
While I'm bleeding and I'm scarred
This pain is eating at my heart
It really hurts so much
It hurts too much to touch
But when I cut I get a rush
So I cut until I gush cuz it's a must
Fuck this life because it sucks
But I like this Knife Called Lust
Despite this fight is tuff
I just can't abide or hide
The fact that I've been lied to
By you
I don't know why I tried to 
Tie you down
Now I'm a clown
For fallin for ya 
But just go he's callin  for ya
So turn around bitch  just leave
I can't help it it's just me
But please keep trying
Please I'm dying
I need you to cease my crying
I see  you and it's  peace I find
But I need to atleast go blind
Cause all I see:
Black hallways deep 
I close my eyes and always sleep
I dream about my music life
I scream and shout "Shit! Screw this life!"
It looks just like I threw this knife
Into the right idea 
But at night I tear
And makeup smears
I feel I loose
I've been abused and used 
It's just too cute for you too choose
So all I do is listen to 
Deuce and Truth some Jeffree Star,
Em, Dre, Pac and Colette Carr
And when they stop that's when we start
Breaking hearts
It aint that hard
It's just me (x6)
We all make mistakes, you gotta learn to forgive
When you learn how to love then you know how to live
To recieve you gotta give
 its a tease yes it is
But we breathe for these kids
On our knees just to give
An offering
This society is softening
We let these feelings burn away
And when we heal we run astray
It's fun to say someones to blame
I hate to say I'm made this way
But everday I feel the same
Is this real- this game?
Cuz all I feel is pain
This game is just to damn insane
It's just me (x6) 
(You discust me, but it's just me) ahahaha
Sick with myself but I got noone else so I give it to myself it's the only
Thing that helps
It's the same thing this pain thing that keeps me from sleeping
And screaming that god I must be motha fucking dreaming
And I can rest in peace and at least cease to be
I see the sickness that's in me
This is all that I can be, I can't breathe as I bleed but it's just me
So I wont call myself  a playa 
Cuz I don't mean to say tha
Shit I do sometimes
It's those two dumb lines
That screw my mind
And it happens oh so fast
I imaginged it would last
But it's happened in the past
I just haven't learned from that
But sometimes I don't understand
If this shit was just her plan 
Her little joke to make me choke
By use of rope to slit my throat 
I bet she hopes I overdose 
On loads of coke
But no I wont
I don't do drugs and I don't smoke
But am I ever sober? nope
I need a four leaf clover bro
Before it's really over yo
I wanna know where imma go
Show me my direction
No it's my conception
Always in depression
I feel like she's messin 
With me
But bitch please
This shits deep
But it's  me
It's just me (x6)
It's cruel for you to laugh
But it's true so do the math
18 lives and then I break nine
When it's cake time
You just make time to hate my great mind
It's a basic hate crime
But I aint tryin
"vegas take a break" fine
Fuck that!  
Cut that parrt out 
Cuz I'm going all out 
All-a-a-alll out 
All out right now 
Get loud lights out
Haha mr vegas rap
Nine lives, ATGE, vegas nation
Fat boi productions on the beat
(Yeah, and we out dawg)
 I can't help it girl, it's just me I can't control it. but I do know, I love
You, haha peace
(Automated voicemail): I am sorry T Master, the number you have reached is
Not bisexual, and can not be contacted until you are straight, or do not
Like males. thanks, you will be transfered to a client after this message
From Truth...

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