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Mork Gryning lyrics

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Lyrics for album: Pieces Of Primal Expressionism (2003)

An Old Man's Lament
Fragments And Pieces
On The Verge Of Prime Divinity
Our Urn
Perpetual Dissolution
The Cradle Of Civilization
The Sleeping Star
The Worm

Lyrics for album: Mælström Chaos (2001)

A Perception Of The Ancient (Instrumental)
Bloodspring Mirage (Instrumental)
Dödens Skald
Forever Unhallowed Preponderance
My Friends
Ont Blod
The Darkness Within
The Menace

Lyrics for album: Tusen År Har Gått (1995)

Armageddon Has Come To Pass...
Dagon (Instrumental)
Min Sista Färd (En Visa Om Döden)
Mörkrets Gryning
The Final Battle
Tusen År Har Gått
Unleash The Beast

Lyrics for album: Other Songs

Maelstrom chaos
Tusen ar har gatt

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