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Music Video

What Is This

by MJG


What Is This Song Text

What Is This by MJG

What is this, what is this, what is this (Ooh)
What is this, what is this, what is this (Ooh)

[Hook 1]
What is this I'm appraochin' what is this appraochin' me
All the time I'm out on the grind, now what is this supposed to be

[MJG:Verse 1]
I'm a Memphis born pimp, nigga don't nobody wanna flex
Raised up in OrangeMound, live in T-E-X-A-S, breakin' necks
Ain't no tellin' what the future hold to be
When he or she tries to bring they stupid sh*t to MJG
I thought that we could win the war, conquer the battle, take the pain
Struggle up through the f**kin' strain, beat the heat, soak the rain
Up, AHHHH I feel I wanna breathe again
But soon as i come up in life you tend to watch my dividends
Hopin' I slip and fall just so you can capitalize
Can't thank about sh*t plus it's nationalized, in the skies
Phony shikes will stick you right before your eyes
No surprise, all they wanted was a money rise
Sunny dried out game hustlers on they last leg
Game dead all that sh*t they say be the same said sh*t
Sometimes, sometimes I feel I'm at the bottom of the list, what is this

[Hook 2]

What is this, reality or just a dream
Everything ain't what it seems
Picture it on a tv screen
What is this, visions of a broken hope
Strategies of the most serious wisdom just a joke

[Hook 1]

[Verse 2]
Who would've thought in the midnight hour I could exercise a pen
Bring the life to sound effects, feel the thunder and the wind
Sets of ten flip ya mind strengthen up ya weakened cells
Generate ya inner spirit, leave ya with some sh*t to tell
Still it seems all my dreams come with f**kin' side effects
I thought I seen the worst but I ain't seen a damn thang yet
A lot of thieves outta nowhere, first-time MC's should thank God
For first-time platinum, that sh*t is hard
Hell let me put a bug in ya ear, catch the buzz
With a lot of MC's go straight today ain't what they was
But what they is, the lessons I learn as my life I live
Ain't worried bout when I'm gon' receive it I gots to give
Where ya conscience at how do you expect to prosper long
For blessings sent to you for reasons that got you gone
Damn, I thought I had the game tight in my fist
Came to find that I was tied in the twist, what is this

[Hook 2]

[Hook 1]

[Verse 3]
How come every MC feel he got the skills to sell a mill
But when my record sell a mill ah hell that sh*t just can't be real
I'm flabergasted, am I the only rapper not afraid
To come with what I feel in my heart and get paid
No enemies, at least that I know of, I'm for sho' of
If you hate I'ma show love, kick back and blow bud
I look over sh*t that the people say who don't know me
Just like the hustlers who looked over them before me
You owe me, I owe you, we owe each other
So how the f**k you think I owe you something
Cause you don't owe me nothin'
You bluff, with ya career skills steps to be
Take it, I'm in it for the longevity
You racing, misplacin' thangs you was taught
For the thangs of the world, gettin' sold bein' bought
Resist temptations cause temptation is a b**ch
Where am I (Where am I) am I, what is this

[Hook 2]

[Hook 1] x3

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