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No More Glory

by MJG


No More Glory Song Lyrics

No More Glory by MJG

Back in 1993 I went nation wide
I'm gettin tired
The plan of under dog while most of the artists
Ride for a freeeee
Stuff I have seen in a industry
The finish of the people but
It ain't gone finish me
You got them mo hitter quitters
Throwin with the main strain
Your next hitter quitter
Souding like the same thang
But plainshame I be dropping them hits
When you lease expect it
And all the group stuck in the tren
They get ejected with the quickness
This happen to many I been a witess
And one time it bunk
But now you wonder what is it
it's that brabe
The one thatusethe on that they use
The one that she use
one of the things that's been accused
Beside a few more you feel me you know
Or else you to slow
Appear like you all that or somethin
Man forget a new flow now you know
I'm MJG I take the other side of the story
For those who don't here No More Glory

No More
Glory for the one's who don't believe
No more
Glory for the women I had to leave
No More
Glory for the one's who close they ears
And the one's play blind when they see me all
The time it's
No More
Glory for the haters in the face
No More
Glory for the one's who can't relate
No More
Glory for the smiles in my face
No More Glory No More Glory

The records I start to break
The money I start to make
The womenI start to take
Some people begin to relat
To music that I was doing
My career when I pursuing
Countinuin to keep it truing
And leaving women boo hooing
I'm real but steal struggalin
Skill still bubblin
Alot of these circus Mc's still juggling
Rubbing it the middle of the sea with no poach
Wanna role with the flow but you can't
Sell flow be soap on a rope
You tied up and helddown
Wondering how much your records sold now
In the dark
Standed no lights and no matches
you got a little fame in your life and you reactin
Like a stuck up kid
You did what folks expect
The mo you got consededthe mo you get the
Check I bet
You hatin me now as I speak
But smile when you see me on the streets
No more glory


Mjg got his knowledge from the street college
His vos went for pare in the he solid retarted
The minds of those who choose false
The ones who can't get with the hill
Get blowed off mowed off
Now come on a n grasp upo yards
Sleepin in your past you had to broad hard
I m breakin down barrers looking for top contenders
The smoke cleared
Al I see here is big pretenders
Lin the flash I
Look from the mistakes that others make
Like past by then it come agin before you laid
In the ground trick it's going down
Long as I'm living got your mind
Tow up fromthe flow up up to the celling
It be the suave house
When you see me I'm in the zone
But bout time you reach right through the crowd
I'm probably gone
We don't get the chance to plea with my time
It's for we hope
But you hate just as soon as you se me
Leaving the dore No more

Chorus till song go off

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