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53rd & 3rd
All Within My Hands (Metallica St Anger)
Am I Evil (intro)
Am I Evil? - (originally Recorded By Diamond Head)
Am I Savage?
Astronomy - (originally Recorded By Blue Oyster Cult)
Atlas, Rise!
Breadfan - (originally Recorded By Budgie)
Cliff's Last Solo
Cretin Hop
Crying Of The Dead
Damage inc. (master of puppets)
Death Is Not The End
Die Die My Darling - (originally Recorded By The Misfits)
Dirty Window (Metallica St Anger)
Dont Treat on Me
Dream No More
Fade To Black (1997 Bridge School Benefit)
Fade to black (ride the lightning)
Fade to black (übersetzung)
For Whom the Bell Tools
Frantic (Metallica St Anger)
Frantic (st. anger cd)
Fuel For Fire
Fuel for fire (fuel demo)
Fuel for fire (nascar album)
Green Hell
Halo On Fire
Harvest Of Sorrow
Helpless - (originally Recorded By Diamond Head
Here Comes Revenge
I Disapear
I Dissapear
Ik Hou Van Mij
Invisible Kid (Metallica St Anger)
It's Electric - (originally Recorded By Diamond Head)
Just A Bullet Away
Kenny Goes To Hell
Kenny goes to hell(south park movie)
Kill / Ride Medley
Kill Ride Medly
Kill The Wabbit
Last Caress
Last Caress/Green Helll - (originally Recorded By The Misfits)
Lespa Messiah
Mama said (original
Mama said (original lyrics)
Master Of Disaster
Mercyful Fate (live)
Mercyful Fate Medley
Moderator news
Moth Into Flame
My World (Metallica St Anger)
Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
One (from ...and justice for all)
One (Rare Version)
One (Rare Version) (Proper)
Pain For Pleasure
Pulling Teeth (Instrumental)
Purify (Metallica St Anger)
Purify (one of us)
Purify (St. Anger Cd)
Saint Anger
Sanatarium (welcome home)
Sanitarium (welcome home)
Shoot Me Again (Metallica St Anger)
Smoke On The Water
Solos (Bass/guitar)
Some Kind Of Monster (Metallica St Anger)
Spit out the Bone
Splash Of Water (My Home)
St Anger (Metallica St Anger)
St. Anger (Cd Booklet)
St. Anger (Video Version)
Sweet Amber (Metallica St Anger)
Sweet Amber (St. Anger Cd)
The ballad of ?brain knight?
The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
The Lords Of Summer
The Mechanix
The New Song
The Other New Song
The Small Hours - (originally Recorded By Holocaust)
The thing that should not be (s&m version)
The Thingsbthat Should Not Be
The Unforgiven (First Verson)
The Unnamed Feeling (Metallica St Anger)
The Unvorgiven
The Unvorgiven Ii
Time Stoped
Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World
Unforgiven II(Right Version)
We Did It Again
We did it again (feat. ja rule and swizz beatz)
We Did It Again (Feat. Ja' Rule)
We're a happy family
Whiskey In The Jar - (originally Recorded By Thin Lizzy)
Whisky in the Jar
Wiskey in the Jar
Wiskey in the jar (the original song)
You're Going To Hell

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