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MC ZULU - Stampede - Songs Of Truth lyrics

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Stampede - Songs Of Truth by MC ZULU

The trees gone bad and the fruit well rotten
Planted in stone, The water don't matter,
The way that it's grown is to keep the rich fatter
The righteous dem scattered, The rest of them scratching
Save your truths and sentiments,
Want more dollars and me want less arguments
All of the talk of progress is pure nonsense,
Instead bring me the heads of the dead Yankee Presidents
Anyone who believes their protest was meant to be heard
Never utter whispers 'cause this person with their spoken word
Fi get mash down first observe then you'll learn
We control all the latest trends, we get paid everytime you lose
So I will say this friends, If I have to choose It's like common sense
And more dollars are the best defense
That's what you're up against
Now you're tuned to the program
Shine brightest light across the whole land
No independence they'll tolerate
Don't let their mind-control your actions
Break the chains and live today

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