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MC ZULU - License To Kill lyrics

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License To Kill by MC ZULU

Signal the murderation... Devastation across every nation...
You done know these are the vibes for the modern age
Johnny got a six gun (kick drum), Straight shooting auto-load
Ammunition infinite, Can you feel the power now?
One-man syndicate, duplicate that episode
Johnny and him six gun, terrorize dem out a road
Let it be known all of the massive around will never be safe, no matter whe dem a say
Coulda be microphone or AK.
Me get that riddim and kill it now. Murda that one deh me feel it now.
Listen the lyrics and follow the musical murder rate
You better be sure about it before you test the bad man
Me leggo the 'matic and put a stop to all of your wicked intentions
I've got the Queen on the telephone, telling me Johnny The Outlaw gotta be found,
She's signing the order, giving me my own
License To Kill
Johnny got the big guns, Dressed up in a uniform
GOD is in your corner now, telling you you can do no wrong
Mercenary Shades Of Green, Looking for their Pot Of Gold
Johnny and the big guns, Brutalize dem out a road
Living a life under the threat of the gun could never be fun, Heroes and Outlaws
They all shoot down the next one
No matter what them a tell you now, Me Life Of The Party for real, you know?
Still me no like when dem commit the murder, call this a vacation
The harder the times the more they want to get to the heart of the matter, they follow the crimes
You get fatter, the rest of them dying... things a rest 'pon me mind...
Seems them have a design
The best of the traps they keep the rats alive, inna the maze. Live out your life in a cage
Slave for all of your days.
ZULU me get the lawyer, you know seh me beat the court case
Calling me Teflon [Don]? Take that camera out of my face
Gimme release 'pon the streets, within a week, me have to deal, with crooked police, dem bother my peace,
Because me defeat the rat race
No matter whe dem a go try fi run this is the norm, Wanna be sheltered from the storm?
Keep your hustling underground!
Just because you're writing a verse, you're tricking off all the game? You're worse than all of the damn informer dem
All of them
Walk the street wanna redeem your broken reputation. Authorities dem no prosper from my musical murderation
We're looking forward not looking back. Wanna be saved? Signal The Plane / Ring The Alarm
General launch the attack

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