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Magnificent - Wanted lyrics

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Wanted by Magnificent

Yeah, you know how it is to be wanted
When you doing your thang, these haters want ya
The laws want ya, b**ches want ya co-tail niggaz
My partnas taking shots at, haters sending cops at me
b**ches wanna knock, hoping niggaz on the block wet me
Everywhere I go, it's like I got a new hater
Sometimes I wanna pull the trigger, then watch the news later
See I'm the new flavor, too strong for they taste buds
Who roam with the 8 snub, but too grown for these fake thugs
I got a great buzz, it ain't even come from sipping liquor
I'd rather spit a litter, then get to flipping figgas
See I'm that lil' nigga, hopping out the whip with the
Full body dickie suit, hoes say I'm slick and cute
And that's before they even see, what the dick'll do
Open zipper close zipper, got 'em playing peek-a-boo
Now they niggaz mad, saying I'm despicable
I'm sorry I'm not a fag, I did what any dick would do
I gotta spit a few, let 'em know I mean bidness
Pull up in green 6's, crack the window scream b**ches
It could get evil, like the sign with the three sixes
Hypnotize their mind, as if I signed with the Three 6's
Magno yeah, yeah man they don't care how they get me
They just want a nigga, dead or alive mayn
Peep the second verse
I hit Detroit, just to floss with the Pistons
And my b**ches do more sucking up, than bosses assistants
Like the cost when I'm spending, rep the Nawf till I'm ending
And this time around, I'm the boss in it pimping
Wildlife Records, CEO
This the hottest I done dropped, watch my c.d. blow
While you flossing spinning hubs, on your G-E-O
I'm pulling up to the club, with my TV's low
I told my pops, I'm bout to blow like a grenade
Pappy and that's some'ing I can't avoid, like teenage acne
Head buster, we could replace Scr*ppy
And I don't trip, cause my fan base is teenage daddy
The old Heads know, I'm the newest prodigy
So respect I show my naked, like a nudist colony
I'm even hot, on the side that you live
Bout to cop my sis a doll house, the size of your crib
But I don't trip, I ain't the type that like to flaunt it
f**k the fakers f**k the haters, by them I'm most wanted yeah
Yeah, I'm wanted man
These niggaz don't care, if they catch me in a sewer man
I'm just wanted, you know I'm saying
Yeah, and that's how it is man when you wanted
I mean these niggaz can catch me, on another f**king comode dog
Dead or alive, they don't give a damn mayn
When you doing some'ing good, that's when you wanted
If they talking bout ya, it's some'ing good about ya you know I'm saying
We need the haters you know I'm saying, that's the only way we can make it
Without haters it wouldn't be no players, that's game right there
Magno ya heard, New Print baby Collection Plate Part 2 coming soon yeah...

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