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Magnificent - Oh Baby Flow lyrics

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Oh Baby Flow by Magnificent

Ha, oh I ain't done yeah Magno ya heard
AKA Magnificent yeah, just wanna take the time out to say
You know, thank everybody that had some'ing to do with the New Print
Ya know I'm saying, c.d. doing very well you know I'm tal'n bout
If you can't get to it, holla at us wildliferecords.come mayn
Magno ya heard, get some'ing off my chest
I'm dropping straight in, no time for a foul hook
Take a sneak peak at a truth, all you laws look
Need mo' intellect homie, go try a book
This ain't bad remember, I'm a retired crook
I came a long way, from days of Soundclicking
Sorta remind me, when MJ found Pippen
But I vividly remember, when H-Town was tripping
It was mixed emotions, I switched the notion
Two years later, they say I'm slick as lotion
Now critics, on my dick and choking
Cause other niggaz piece is watered down, take a p**s in ocean
And we don't understand the sh*t they quoting, (what kinda sticks they smoking)
All I know, they took a loss letting the rookie loose
And I done learned a lot, from that house with the crooked roots
That was college, better yet a university
I flunked off, but nobody can bring a hotter verse than me
Go figure, so much for irony
Fast forward eight months, and now the majors eyeing me
I ain't capping, or being fly dog
But they trust me, like blind folk do seeing-eye dogs
And hey I don't blame em, cause I'm CNY dog
It's finna be caviar, instead of eating hot dogs
And I'm bout ready, to make that switch
Give me a track, I'll make that hit
Waiting on my time to blow, has been like waiting on the metro
Dudes I hit the stop with, is gone to they destination
I remain patient, chilling while the rest is hating
Knowing damn well, I'm the hardest thang next to pavement
Right now, I'm the talk of the town
I'm like Sprite, watching Sierra Mist walking around
Cause it's a lot of niggaz, out trying to clone me
But ery'body know, who's the phony homie

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