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Madd Maxxx - Not Gona Stop Today lyrics

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Not Gona Stop Today by Madd Maxxx

(Put your lighters up)
Let's go!
I don't think motherfucker understand exactly how serious this shit is for me. For real though, this is more than rhymes, this is more than a beat, this is more than a fucking... hobby, a career, this is my life bro.
Everyone around is so phony it's so insane
They think they know me but they numbin me like novocain
And I know the game, All of y'all are so insane
I smile at the sky at approaching rain
And I hope to stay longer than all of the competition
Got so much fight for all opposition
It was envisioned a long time ago so I aint trippin
The hour glass lets the sand fall kinda slow.
I ain't in a rush though that's why I laugh at y'all
Runnin so hard you trip and fall
Imma travel up the mountain till I reach the high road
And wherever it may lead, that's where I go
Looks like I still got plenty of time so
I'm walking at a pace that I can keep as time flows
And no one can stop me, many have tried though
Just don't think I ever gave a fuck I don't.
Just hear what I have to say,
I'm only gonna say it once anyway,
After the last time I tried to trust you
The only words coming to my mind are FUCK YOU!
Play those games that you have to play,
I'm not watching you anyway,
All that bullshit you did well it cost me a lot but I'm not gonna stop today!
A lot of people have tried to get me to quit well suck my dick!
Life is a bitch and I'll pimp that trick
Cause I stick to the things I love
I'll defend them with a razor sharp sword and slugs
And that's real, I'll go all the way to the death
Till the Earth all burns and there ain't shit left
Other than some dirt and some rocks and some roaches and me
This is what I was born to be, can you see?
All I do is talk and live so why not bring some light where the darkness is
Yo, FUCK YO COUCH and the darknesses
I'm double bladed: compassion and heartlessness
It's hard to give them anything, other than no fucks
I'm plowin all cowards out the way like snow trucks
And no one can stop me, many will try though
Just don't think I'll ever give a fuck I won't.
So who walks? in all can get it
I never waste my potential, energy is kinetic,
I'm eletric, ecletic and well-connected
To the planet and the power all men will bless with.
And that's why, I'm not lettin it pass by,
I got a lot more to offer you than the last guy,
Ain't nobody got sight just glass eyes
I don't get it they're lettin the boat capsize,
And now they're floatin in the ocean under black skies.
Storms are comin and foremans runnin
And in the midst of all this I still know somethin:
I ain't gonna quit, you can hope I'm bluffin
But I will always be a threat like the doomsday button!
You should say nothin cause you can't touch me
And when you know you're the best, the feeling is lovely,
And no one can budge me as long as I'm livin
So I hope you never though I gave a fuck, I didn't.

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