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Madd Maxxx - Trapped In Paradise lyrics

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Trapped In Paradise by Madd Maxxx

I swoop through the clouds in the light of the moon
Watching the people all around the world trynna move
Trying to do anything to improve the situation they're given
Some of them win but a lot of them lose
Somebody once said life is cruel and that's true
The world is a dangerous place to pass through
A very long time I've resided in the sky
Always knew how and always asked why, I never died
I never lived I exist and I have since
Since all of this shit was a shapeless mist
In an instant the universe blinked into existence
Of this humble beginning there was placed no limit
We would watch we would listen
We would visit the men and the women
And give them visions of a righteous living
That was it, we could never retain a greater purpose
Forever hearing the prayers come off Earth's surface
I never had a choice and I never had a life
I spent all of existence trapped in paradise
I never felt pain but I witnessed it all
Wars raged on, kingdoms rise and fall
Ever since the humans could speak to eachother
They would try to convert or destroy their brothers
I never knew of religion I never knew of race
I knew only to serve my purpose as an angel of faith
I follow the stars as they pass over the planet
Looking over this tragic land and its' inhabitants
They called to us for power, for solace and compassion
Trying to find peace and happiness everlasting
The words change but the prayers are the same
Speaking to the same maker, rearranging his name
It's a shame I can only give a whisper of confidence
Spoken into their subconscious so often it's not obvious
["it's not obvious" echoes...]
[... echoes into "Honestly I"]
Honestly I don't understand human affairs
A bird of a different color gets everyone scared
People are dying over nothing, killing innocent children
Setting bombs, shooting missiles and destroying buildings
Worst part of it is, they kill in the name of faith
Hoping to impress their maker with displays of hate
Why is everybody trying to make it to this place?
I've been here since the beginning and it ain't so great
My fate was predetermined, I was born with this burden
I see only the truth never observing diversions
Whether crosses the turban to tolerate or?
All were born of the same following and origin
God never told people what to believe,
The human race made the names their religions have grieved
But at the least they can choose to ignore what they see
I already know the answer, what does it mean to believe?
It's so very cold so high in the sky
The wind braces my face bringing tears to my bird's eye but why?
When I fly, I hear so many voices at once
Asking for help and to tell what must be done
I chased the sun and saw a way after its' surface
But not before dispersing human versal words from turgid lips
I speak so much at minimal times
Spending eternity and further are invisible lines
Sometimes I like to fly low gliding through the sky slow
Watching life happen and unravel below
If only all of the people knew all the things I know
They would be happy knowing there's somewhere their soul could go

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