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Lyrics for album: Book 2: Parlainth ‒ The Forgotten City (2006)

Bearer Of Light
Casket Of The Last Resident
Circle's Last Link
Cursed Soul
Dark Destiny Of Parlainth
Hirob's Words
Parlainth's Discovery
Seance ‒ Rebirth
The Restless Troll
The Spells
Torgak's Speech
Under One Sky

Lyrics for album: Book 1: Iostros (2001)

Deja Vu
Demon In The Kaer
Home Of The Traders - Barterstown
King's Hall
Lonely On The Serpent River
My Love Still Exists
Ti'An - A Troubadour's Ballad
Travar - The Golden City
Travelling To The Blood Woods

Lyrics for album: Other Songs

Déjà Vu

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