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Lloyd lyrics

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Album: New Songs

All Of Me
Basket of Eggs
Bitter Withy
Blood Red Roses
Bring Em Down
Can't Get Over You
Coal Owner and Pitmans Wife
Come Over
Corpus Christi Carol
Dancing In The Mirror
Dedication To My Ex
Do It Again
Don't Wanna Know
Dumiama Dingiama Dumiama Day
Electric Eye
Elke Stap
Fish On The Ocean
Forever Song
Girls All Around The World
Girls Around The World (Remix)
Haul Away for Rosie
Heave Away Me Johnnies
Heavenly Body
Here She Comes
Heres to the Grog
Hey Young Girl (Cd Version)
Hey young girl (radio edition)
Husband With No Courage in Him
I Want You [Remix][*] - Lloyd, Nas
I'm A G (Corrected)
Im A G (Feat. 4 Ever)
Intro MDMA
Lay It Down (Remix)
Listening For Whispers
Me And You (This Christmas)
Miss Lady
Miss That
Miss That Pussy
Mr. Warner
New South Wales
Night & Day
Nine Times a Night
Oh Shepherd Oh Shepherd or the Sheep Are in the Wilderness
One Night As I Lay on My Bed
Oxford City Jealous Lover
Playboy Centerfold
Prince Heathen
Rosin the Beau
Rounding the Horn
Santy Anna
Secret Admirer
She's All I Want For Christmas
Take Me Tonight
Tears Of A Clown
The Black Ball Line
The Blackleg Miners
The Bold Black and Tan
The Coast of Peru
The Liverpool Judies
The Mermaid
The Molecatcher
The Road to Gundagai
The Seven Joys of Mary
The Sheep Stealer
The Ship in Distress
The Troopers Horse
The Two Magicians
The Wanton Seed
This Love
Tidal Wave
Twerk Off
Under Her Apron
Voor Geen Miljoen
Want You
We Will All Go Together when We Go
Well Rant and Well Roar
Ye Marners All
You - Lil Wayne, , Lloyd

Album: King Of Hearts (2011)

Album: Polite Jr. - Mixtape (2011)

Album: Lloyd - Mixtape (2010)

Album: Lessons In Love 2.0 (2009)

Album: Like Me: The Young Goldie (2009)

Album: Lesson In Love (2008)

Album: Lessons In Love (2008)

Album: Street Love (2007)

Album: Southside (2004)

Album: Southside (Advance Retail Sampler) (2004)

Album: Love Spaceship [Single]

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