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How we do it feat. grits and tobymac

by Lil Irocc Williams


How we do it feat. grits and tobymac Song Lyrics

How we do it feat. grits and tobymac by Lil Irocc Williams

A little freak indeed but not the type that sneaks
peak into my past and my rhymes seem greek
for i wasn't the man i am today
see i ran the games like Tait manned his fade
it was a kid from hot 'lanta who spits on tracks
Grits and T-Mac we rock iROCC this is how we do it

[Lil iROCC]
I'm about to speak my mind rewind the time
just a little bit even though then i was a little kid
doing little things like a little man
but i served a big god with my little hands
and i heard a song that came so strong
bout living a life bigger than life living for christ
they were the words that set my soul free
and sparked the flame that burns so deep
and it's plain to see why i act this way
sway when i walk DC when i talk
get crunk on the beat no matter what you speak
cuz man i'm a Jesus freak what you sayin now?

If you get a little bothered you can't blame us
you got an injection of supernatural stuff
gonna raise up the roof, serve up the truth
this is how we do it

Oh yes it's us again scarin em off it's bone & Cof.
influencing little kids on living like lunatics in the Spirit
this is Hip-Rock with Grits & lil iROCC
even after the beat drops, he won't stop
freakin your mind, freakin your mind
when i'm freakin the rhyme
i'm tweakin your spine
every time and i'm using every lyric and line
to let you know that i'm a freak
all eyes on me like the illistrious Pac
i stand before you a man with dirty shoes
dustier socks, in clusters we rock
ryhme magnate encircled by controversy
and red tape (AY YO) rollin down a mountain of danger and peril
wrapped in a straight jacket go over cliffs in a barrell
times is through who wanna, who wanna
bow and succumb, when you need to be a freak

[Chorus 3x]

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