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Game face

by Lil Irocc Williams


Game face Song Text

Game face by Lil Irocc Williams

You want the victory
you got to fight for it
can you pass the test
and sacrifice for it
you think you got everything that it takes
put your game face on
put your game face on

[Verse 1]
this is where we seperate the men from boys
the tools from toys
the music from noise
first quarter the beggining of life
and i'm in it to win and i'm willing to fight for
whatever it takes and however the breaks come
making the big plays
taking the victory
shaking you this way
faking you this way
leaving you in a place
iROCC don't play
that's how it gotta
ain't no stoppping me
i gotta dominate letting my opponent see
no fear, no tears, no pain, all heart, too strong, all game...

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 2]
You gotta know the rules in the game of life
a full count is 3 tries 2 strikes
so what you wanna do when you facing that
you can strike out and swing hard and break the bat
from the contact the ball react
go over the scoreboard to the lot outbak
strive for greatness overcome weakness
learn the playbook beef up your defense
keep your offense in forward motion
highlt respect and listen to the coaching
excellence, perserverance, determination
these are the things you need for game facin

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 3]
Life is not a game it's a serious thing
but the concepts the same in the principles aim
cuz in life we all have seasons good and bad
for all different reasons
plans and ways to keep the team leading
work all day to keep the family eating
the last shot before the clock stop
iROCC gon drop and take you to the top
so keep your ears open to recieve this man
my last pass is the bomb we need this man
true victory in life is a follower of christ
if you ready for a race then let me see your game face

[Chorus 4x]

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