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Lil Crazed - Gotta Change lyrics

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Gotta Change by Lil Crazed

Yea Baby... It's been on my mind for a while. I mean we had a good thang goin, but as time changes, so does relationships. Look, thangs gotta change. I don't want to see you cry, but I'm a have to leave your side, because it hurts me deep down inside. Now we have to fight every night and I don't want to hurtchu girl cause I needed you in my world, but as we went on too much went on. Now I gotta letchu go (gotta letchu go). I see the picture of us on the wall. And I thought I had it all(thought I had it all)but as the time came everythangs changed(everythangs changed) And then I saw our relationship call.
Baby you taught me how to be a good mane, but there's just something you gotta understand. I can't deal with all this drama and this pain(no no no no no no no) because I love you girl, but thangs have gotta change(gotta change, gotta change)
See things are complicated and I hate to break it. We can no longer fake it, becuz are love fated and we both know we wanna let go. We watched are love die. After we let it grow. It's not that I don't need you, but baby I need my time and the truth is you runninout my mind. Now everythangs changed, but nuthin is the same. Picture perfect but the picture don't fit the frame. I'm sick and tired always feelin hot and bothered. Sick of fakin smiles and tired of lies don't want another. We over didit gotta quit it. I'm convinced I can't be in it.
Gotta letchu know this been on my mind for a minute, but I'm just sick of fightin everytime we get to kick it. We break up just to make up, then make up just to break up. And it don't do nuthin except everytime it takes up. And it's to late fo apologiese I can't except it because my heart hunger fo love, but'chu neva fed it. See it's hard fo me, but girl we oughta be separated cause face it baby ya not fo me.
See it's hard to do, but I gotta say goodbye. I gotta say goodbye. And admit it. We already tired and couldn't make it. And so we gotta change I can't explain

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