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Lil Crazed - Hold On lyrics

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Hold On by Lil Crazed

From the cold and ice, till the summer evening storms I've been shivering,
Living in this cell hole we call home,
Tryin 2 stay high,
On this drug we all on, trying to get by,
It's hard but I hold not for long,
Cause I keep my head up,
And I wish to see the storm calm,
They say it'll be alrite but we're both wrong,
And it's all gone,
I'm talking bout the love,
God that create the pain while we ask for help above,
[? ]
And I'm trying to get to him that's y I reach for the stars,
But I'm getting nowhere cause I'm getting discouraged,
How can you put a price on life when we're living so worthless,
Hoping the package of death [? ],
Cause appearently nobody lives to see the american dream,
I'm thinking to myself,
I'm so astonished,
How could the world be so rich,
If it's full of nonsence.
Sometimes I'm feeling it,
Sometimes I'm so gone,
But I know I'll make it I just got to take some time and hold on
I look back to my past and I see what I've done,
I've made some foolish mistakes but look where I've come
I've made it to some place
I never thought I would,
I didn't believe I'd see my dreams but,
[? ]
And through my years I've witnessed so much pain and struggle
See the rich make big bucks while the poor suffer just to make a couple
(Yea it hurts man,
To see the world so dirty,
I cry for help but they ain't heard me,
It's murder,
They screaming murder,
[? ])
For through the commotion we must try and go on,
Don't stop [? ]
[? ]
Cause even though we living life so wrong,
We gotta get a grip of it,
And hold on

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