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Les Fatals Picards Lyrics

Song Lyrics

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Album: (2009)

Album: (2006)

Album: Picardia Independenza (2005)

Album: (2003)

Album: Other Songs

A Heart Full Of Love
A Heart Full Of Love (London)
A Little Fall Of Rain
Amour à Mort
Amukiriki (The Lord Willing)
At The End Of The Day
Au Mariage De Kevin Et Ma Soeur
Beggars At The Feast
Belladonna Mia
Breng Hem Thuis
Bring Him Home
Brothers & Sisters
C'Est La Vie, Cuicui
C'est Pas La Mer A Boire
Castle On A Cloud
Castle On A Cloud (Dutch)
Cent Mètres Au Paradis
Che Gama
Chinese Democracy
Come To Me (fantine's Death)
Confessions D'Un Vieux Serpent
Danny Wilde
Dawn Of Anguish
Day After Day
Des Jours Adverses
Do I Kill You
Do I Kill You (Do You Kill Me)
Do You Hear The People Sing
Do You Wanna Rock And Roll?
Dog Eat Dog (the Sewers)
Dog Eats Dog
Drink With Me
Drink With Me London Cast
Dunkles Schweigen An Den Tischen
El Son Reggae
Empty Chairs At Empty Tables
En Tapant Du Poing
Entre Amos Et Amsterdam
Epilogue (finale)
Eponine's Errand
Every Day
Family Show
Fantine's Arrest
Fantine's Death (Come To Me)
Fous à Lier
Herr Im Haus
Hey Maria
I Believe
I Dreamed A Dream
I Saw Him Once
I Saw Him Once(London)
Ich Hab' Geträumt Vor Langer Zeit
Immortel Cheikh Anta Diop
In My Life
In My Life(London)
Indian War
It Must Be You
J'veux D'la Musique
Javert's Intervention
Javert's Suicide
Je Vais À Bang-Bang
Kansas City
L'amour À La Francaise
L'Autre Finistère
L'homme Des Marais
La Danse Des Negresses Vertes
La Faim Des Haricots
La Guerre
Le Cygne
Le Paravent
Le Pere Magloire
Les Rablablas Les Roubliblis
Les Remorques
Les Yeux De Ton Pere
Lied Des Volkes
Little People
Long, Long, Long
Look Down
Lovely Ladies
Marcelle Ratafia
Marie, Prends Ton Temps
Master In The House
Master Of The House
Me & Me
Mon Dernier Soldat
New Orleans
Night Of Anguish
Nur Für Mich
Old Man Moses
On My Own
On My Own (Chorus And Ending)
On My Own (Heel Alleen, Dutch)
On My Own - Eponine's Song
On Parole/The Bishop
One Day More
One Step Forward
Partenaire Particulier
Prologue - Work Song
Que Le Mot Soit Perle
Red And Black
Red And Black (the Abc Cafe)
Run Baby Run
Sing Sang Song
Spanish Discotheque
Sur La Terre Arrosée
Syd For KøGe
Take Care Of Me
Temperature Rising
The Attack On Rue Plumet
The Bargain
The Beggers
The Confrontation
The Epilogue
The Final Battle
The First Attack
The Robbery
The Runaway Cart
The Second Attack (Death Of Gavroche)
The Waltz Of Treachery
The Wedding Chorale
The Wedding Chorale/Beggars At The Feast
The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise (feat. Mary Ford)
To My Father's House
Top Szene Hamburg
Trink Mit Mir
Un Homme Extraordinaire
Un Monde Parfait
Une Vie Moins Ordinaire
Unfaithful/si Infidèle
Upon These Stones - At The Barricade
Upon These Stones - Building The Barricade
Valjean Arrested / Valjean Forgiven
Valjean's Confession
Valjean's Soliloquy
Vaya Con Dios
Voila L'ete
Voilà L‘ éTé
We Are Going Down Jordan
We'll Fly To The Promised Land
What Have I Done
What Have I Done (valjean's Soliloquy)
Whither Thou Goest
Who Am I?
Zobi La Mouche
Zobi La Mouche (club Mix)

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