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Lemar lyrics

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Lyrics for album: Invincible (2012)

Lyrics for album: The Reason (2008)

Lyrics for album: The Truth About Love (2006)

Lyrics for album: Time To Grow (2004)

A Man Like Me
A Schizophrenic Twist
A Tune For Jack
Accrocher Mon Coeur
Action Move Hero Boy
All i ever do/boo part ii
Atomic Copper Claw
Baby Battle Scratch
Bad Idea
Behold The Future
Ben Bernanke
Berceuse Pour Adultes
Better than this
Between You And Me
Bicycle Race
Bill Watterson
Birdhouse In Your Soul
Booja Jabooja
Bowling Alley
C'est Vendredi
Call me daddy
Chaque Fois Que Le Train Passe
Chu Chu Rocket
Come Down On Me
Comme Si Tu Tais Moi
Complicated cupid
Consumer Whore
Dance Like An Idiot
Dead Sea Monkeys
Deep In The Ocean
Dizziful Bliss
Don't Be Like The Sun
Don't give it up
Don't Stop Now
Drôle De Mine
Ebaum's World Dot Com
Entre Vous Deux
Experiment No. 6
Feels right
Fiberglass Monkey
Fire Motif
Flamingo Legs
Fly Straight Or Drop The Oar And Wreck
Geeks In Love
Go To Hollywood
Gonna Dig Up Alec Guinness
Hazel's Modus Operandi
His Majesty King Raam
Holy Bison Beaks!
Homage To Patagonia
I believe in a thing called love
I don't mind that
I Know Your Name
I've Got Some Falling To Do
Idiot Control Now
If there's any justice
Il Y Aura Toujours
In The Bath
J'ai Jamais Dit
Jamais Fidèle
Je Parle Flou
Jolie Prison
Kitten Is Angry
Knife Fight
L'adolescent X
L'heure Qu'il Est
L'oeil Magique
La Louve
La Marmaille
La Veilleuse
Le Petit Mot
Le Plus Fort C'est Mon Père
Lemon Demon
Les Filles Seules
Les Souliers Verts
Madame Brigitte Bélanger
Make Things Right
Matches And Nails
Maybe just maybe
Mold En Mono
Movie Night
Mr. Wolfgang
Musical Chairs
Nervous Tension
New Way Out
Nice Weather For Ducks
Nos Rêves
Ode To Crayola
On M'a Fait La Haine
Only Time
Oz Explodes
Page One
Party On The Moon
Paul-émile A Des Fleurs
Pepper And Salt
Pirate In A Box
Porta-Potty Man
Pourquoi Tu Restes ?
Pumpkin Pie
Ramblin' Man
Run, Harry, Run!
Samuel And Rosella
Semblant De Rien
Sick Puppy
Sky Is Not Blue
Slow Train
Smell Like A Cookie All Day
Soul man
Stay With You
Stick Stickly
Subtle Oddities
Sun Beam Light Show Flower Seed
Take A Picture
Ten Thousand Light Years Away
The Ceiling
The Fancy Pants Manifesto
The Machine
The Only House That's Not On Fire (Yet)
The Saga Of You, Confused Destroyer Of Planets
The Shouty Track
The Staunton Lick
The Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate Destiny
There's A Robot In My Head
This Hyper World
Time to grow
Ultimate Showdown
Vow Of Silence
What if
What Will Happen Will Happen
What's In The Toaster?
When Robots Attack
White Bread Boyfriend
Without My Tonsils
Word Disassociation
Your Evil Shadow Has A Cup Of Tea

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