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King Arut - Yung Money lyrics

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Yung Money by King Arut

(King Arut)
Yung Money Cash Money Urkkkkkk...
Do What I Do & I Do It right
I'm a O.G. Bitch
Can't Chu Spell?
Fuck Wrong With Ya'll?
I Ain't Rudy Gay,
But I Can Get It On With Ya'll
Cuz I'm Yung Money Bitch Get It On
Nigga Got It Good Nigga Got Right
Shawty Wanna Fuck It Fuck Me All Night
(Right... U-HUH) I Make It Rain I Make
Pour I Killed Dis Nigga On Ya
Mamaz Front Door... Haha...
(Lil Huff)
Wrong section, this ain't where da cris get poured.
This where da pills get popped, dro get rolled.
Where the thugs posted and ducks get soaked.
Better keep ya head up and ya eyes open.
Might not wanna chill over here if ya ain't dumpin.
If we don't fuck with ya pussy nigga then keep floatin.
We gettin loose a lil bit, but everybody focused.
Cause everybody on yack and every body scopin.
Keep a unit in my face and back against the wall.
And hand on fire in case I gotta get off.
Ain't nothin over here for ya but problems dawg.
Surrounded by all hood bitches, no model brawds.
I don't hang in da v.I.p. so stop checkin.
I'm posted with da goons boppin, hand on weapon.
In da corner with da thugs and convicted fellons.
Lookin for me in the club, I'm in the thug section.
(King Arut)
Yung Money MotherF*ckin Up Dis Shawty Ass
She make Me Wanna Fuck her mamaz ass
(Haha) Make It Rain Fuck da Whore
She Comin' Back Fo Four More...
Make It Sang Make It Rain Suck My Dang-a-Lang
I Make You Stop Drop and Roll I'm Killin'
All Des Hoes... haha... Mama Used To Tell Me As A Boy To Do Right,
Da Boys A Keep'a Comin Wit The Money Every Night,
Me No Wanna Ere Ima Hustla Ima
But 1 Through An Ear And Come Out The Other
Side, Mon
I Throw Em Off The Pier Ima Myswah
Work In Me Haulster, Work In Me
Ride, Get
Money All Year Dem 3-6-5 Get
Money All Year Yea 3-6-5 Now,
Yung Money

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