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King Arut - Savior lyrics

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Savior by King Arut

I Pray Everyday As One Day Could
Be My Last I Pray Too The Lord That
I Live Happy and Glad This Day Could
Be My Last So I'm Praying Right Now
That I Live My Life Happy and not bad
I'm The Truth,
Why Would I Lie?
I Walk Around This
City Just Telling This Guy
That Jesus Is The One That Helps You Live
He Has The power Too Not Recieve But Give
He's The One That Takes Your Life
You Might Be Here Today But You Might Not
Tonight he's The One That Gives You
Merchandise Food, Clothes, Even Your Life
He Can Take It In a Minute don't You Dare Ask
Why If You Lived Your Life Good There
Will Be No Reason Too Cry
If You Go Down Under You Shoulda Kept
Your Life Straight
But Jesus Is My Savior
And I don't Blame Him Today
Just The Other Day My Homie Mike Just Died
Hope He Went Straight Up and Not Go Down
Like He Died I Pray To The Lord Like That Day Would
Be My Last I Know I don't Do Everything
The Lord Wants Me Too Do I Only Blame Myself
Not Him or You I Should Change My Ways
Cuz a Christian is What I am
I Should Live Like I am Not Judged By What
I Do Cuz the Lord Is My Savior and I Should
Do The Same he Does To

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