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King Arut - Dis Is My Life lyrics

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Dis Is My Life by King Arut

(King Arut)
Ha... Hip Hop hasn't been da same since
Ya lil nigga k.deezy hit da stage... Hip Hop
Nor Life hadn't been da smae since I came...
But you know we all got some called a life
Shit... probaly if some of you niggas had one
Yall wouldn't be out killin' and other sinful
Things... But I'm here too do me cause dis is
My life and a nigga nor anyone else gone change
(Lil Huff)
Homie I'm so iced up it aint even funny
Niggas shit out shit but I shit out mo
Money Now how you gonna talk about the way I spend my money
Everybody say it with me now, it's my money
And they know they hatin, but what they don't know is
Dis Is My Life and I don't give a shit... I'm flyer
Dan da birds cold like da pole... I'm so banked up
I got like more den 67 hoes... I'm so clean fresh for me
You need some colgate too brush ya teeth?... But dis tight
I'm livin just right... Wanna Know why... Cause I'm Livin In
My Life...
(King Arut)
Ya Lil Nigga Banked Up Playin Wit 12 Figures
Got So Much Ice You Can Skate On It Niggas
Hatin On Me is Yall Job... Sorry I Don't Pay
But, I Got A Real Job And Dats Gettin' Money
All Day... Too Much Money For Me... Got
Too Much Shit For You... Good You Losing Weight
But Dat Ain't Helpin Yo Figure... Keep On Gulpin'
Dat Haterade... When I Bank Up Everyday...
Da cops gettin' suspicious... I'm like
Shit... If you gone cop just do it already
Nigga... Gun it til' I die... Do em
Til dey shy... don't worry bout me
Dis my life and I love it... hustlin is
Da game... and another is fuckin... Shy
Chicks aren't shy no mo... I see yall wonderin
Why on Christmas... Santa say "Ho Ho Ho"...
16 down... 5 mo to go...
(King Arut)
Look at dat... Like I said hip hop nor
Life ain't been da same since lil arut
Hit da scene... I'm too fresh for des
Niggas... Move like da ocean... Get da hoes
Like Kevin Roshane... Ha ha... Like rihanna
Tellin' all yall live ya life... Cause dis my
Life and nobody can live it up to da fullest
Like I can... Dueces...

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