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King Arut - Nigga Wit Dat Stack lyrics

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Nigga Wit Dat Stack by King Arut

Nigga Wit Dat Stack
Ni Ni-Nigga Wit Dat Stack
(Yeaaaaa)Nigga Wit Dat Stack
(U-Huh) Cuz He Dat Nigga Wit
Dat Stack (Stack) He Dat He He He Dat Nigga Wit Dat Stack Hold Up...
Yo here's a lil sometin bout a nigga like me
Currency should of neva learn bout how to click the key
Or how to grip a glock come through control da block
Throw ur Bentley off a cliff and call it da Bentley drop
These boys can't stop the well dressed maaan
No I'm not enrolled in school but I am a fresh man cuz all yall
Talkin bout is dat Nigga
Wit Dat Stack (Stack) Nigga Wit
Dat Stack (Stack)
Yea, Backpack Full Of Stacks All The Bitches Love Me
Don't Compare To These Rappers I'm On A Diff'rent Budget
I Ain't Even Gotta Practice Never Gettin Rusty
No I Ain't Lookin Down But I See No One Above Me
The Paper Bag Brown Wit Durty Green Money
The Bank Acount Good Full Of Clean Money
Fuck Chain Money, I Blow Ring Money
I Bet That Motha Fucka Neva See Tha Big Money
Magazine Money Do A Spread On Me
And You Can Turn Ya Back But Never Turn The Feds On Me Cuz He Dat
Nigga Wit Dat Stack (Stack, Stack)
When ya turn ya back don't even look at dat cat (Yep) cuz when
She jump back all imma do is
Jus tap dat ass (ha ha) when
Ya look back I den been stole
A cab Cuz I'm after dat Nigga
Wit Dat Stack (Stack) Nigga
Wit Dat Stack (Stack, Yea)
And to the radio stations, I'm tired o' being patient
Stop bein' rapper racists, region haters
Spectators, dictators, behind door dick takers
It's outrageous, you don't know how sick you make us
I want to throw up like chips in Vegas
But this is Southern face it
If we too simple then y'all don't get the basics
So many doubt 'cause I come from the South
But when I open up my mouth, all bullets come out
Bang! Die bitch nigga die I hope you bleed a lake
I'ma play x-ray, helpin' y'all see the fake Nigga Wit Dat Stack
Yeah Imagine Waking Up Out Ya Sleep To Them Pistols Blastin
And If The Witness Is Dead There's No Trial
If You Didn't Know Then Hoe Well Ya Know Now
And I Don't Mean Basketball When I Say I Don't Know Yao
Money Money Money Money Boost My Mor-Al Cuz Dat Nigga Wit
Dat Stack (Stackkkk)

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