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Kalisia - Distant Chronicles (Realisation / Penetration) lyrics

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Distant Chronicles (Realisation / Penetration) by Kalisia

Back in time, as starlight is dying
In a lonely world where life is rising
They found the way...
Reaching wisdom for the last time
The Kreis race is now facing a deadline
It's giant sun is fading away
Off to the skies they'll have to fly...
Leading Siykas through endless space
Toward this candlelight
A distant future to embrace
Their quest, their dreams, their fright...
Time has come for them to show
Begin another hopeful growth
Making life arise again
They now have reached their new domain
Time has come, Siykas' journey is reaching it's end
They have fulfilled their forefather's dream
They have found in this moon an auspicious land
"We're on a vital quest, my young friends
And it's outcome is near"
Dry desert planet, ochre and red
A tremendous lifeless crater
Scratching the surface of this lonely moon
Led by Dokkh, a group of Kreis lands on Porserpine.
Traces of a lost society are found, and a path to a vast underground complex is followed.
There, all is silent, and tensed.
Remains of the past are left behind
The writings on the walls leave no more doubts
Silently crying
The now face
Apathetic human beings
Shapeless bodies
Of another species
Further, a body different from the others
Maybe the leader of all these creatures
"Communication with the system established"
"One of us must enter"

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